What is BrewBroker?

We are challenging the way buyers procure products and services in the drinks industry. By creating a proprietary data model and smart search experience, our platfrom connects producers directly to buyers exactly when they want to speak to each other.

We are the most complete source of truth for UK buyers looking to find the right beer for them. Through working directly with brewers, and partnerships that track new products as soon as the avaialble to buy, we are helping buyers be smarter. Our platform lets buyers search by style, ABV and location and connect directly with brewers/producers/brand owners and distributors.

About BrewBroker (black reversed)

Search, Shortlist, Connect

Our mission is to make smart connections for our industry. It's that simple. Our Smart Search system helps businesses find each other and exchange details, samples and even quotes. However the best results are when you do business direct, so we leave the rest to you. For buyers our platform is completely free and of producers our subscritopition is fixed, no matter how many connections are made and how many deals are completed.

A smarter way to source beer

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