What is BrewBroker?

BrewBroker is the essential network for anyone working in today’s beer industry, giving beer professionals quick and easy access to a global marketplace of trusted peers.

BrewBroker began as a place to find contract brewing partners. Our founders were creating a beer brand and wanted to find a contract brewing partner to create their range. They found it incredibly difficult and full of obstacles, searching on Google, continually explaining their needs, getting quotes in a host of different formats and no standard contracts or guarantee of quality. They thought there must be a better way... .

And BrewBroker was born, in May 2017. Since then of course, a lot has changed.

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From beer production to brewhouse consumption. BrewBroker is the dedicated network for anyone working in today's beer industry.

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The place to search, connect & trade

Fast forward a couple of years and we have hundreds of brewers and supply chain businesses on board.

If you're in the beer industry and you need something, you'll find it on BrewBroker! From a small brewery looking to upscale, to an estabished brewery looking to fill spare capacity and everything in between - there's a place for you on BrewBroker.

Everyone at BrewBroker has worked in the beer industry, we saw inefficiencies in the world of beer and set out to fix them, making a more sustainble and robust industry, fit for the future.

From grain to glass

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Cost effective and scaleable pricing model

We’ve created a low cost pricing model, tailored to breweries of every size. If you need opportunities to fill your pipeline full of revenue, or cost reducing features, sign up today.

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