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BrewBroker is a leading B2B platform which connects the beer industry. Launched in 2018 in response to the growth in the UK craft beer industry with the aim of making it easier for trade buyers to procure and trade with a diverse range of producers. BrewBroker’s digital marketplace lists over 20k products, from over 1k producers integrated with 500K+ reviews.

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Our Story

In 2016, three of BrewBroker’s founding partners were working on the event Craft Beer Rising in London, a trade/public event aimed at bringing breweries, trade buyers and suppliers together under one roof. At the time there was an increasing drive from the trade to list a wider selection of independent brewers’ products. This was in direct response to an expanding segment of the market wanting more flavour, more depth and more choice. 

With the event as a backdrop and barometer for a growing industry, we had our lightbulb moment and set out to develop BrewBroker, asking ourselves one question:

How do we make it easier for the industry to find, connect and trade with one another?

BrewBroker leadership at beer festival

Contract Brewing

In July 2018, the first version of BrewBroker launched catering mainly to contract breweries. BrewBroker as a platform quickly became the go-to solution for finding or providing contract brewing opportunities. At its height, we listed 800 breweries and detailed their production capabilities.

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For Trade Buyers

In March 2020 we launched our second version at Brew // LDN (the event that followed Craft Beer Rising) which added functionality for trade buyers. This updated version still catered for contract brewing but now enabled retail users to create basic listings on the site for brewers to respond to. 

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The Beer Network

In 2022, we integrated with leading consumer ratings app Pint Please. Then we launched our supply chain partner network which allowed businesses to promote themselves to our existing audience.

Jump forward to 2023 and the BrewBroker platform you can see is a new, refined, re-designed proposition which houses producers, suppliers and trade buyer under one digital roof. Sound familiar? We are a big step towards realising our ambition dreamed at the craft beer festival.

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