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BrewBroker Release Major Platform Update for the Beer Industry

The beer industry has seen significant changes over the last ten years. From the early years of rapid growth in brewery numbers and diversity of choice on the tap, to what we’re experiencing now with a tightening of the market, brewery closures and threats to the sustainability of certain aspects of the on-trade. The environment is constantly evolving along with consumer tastes and behaviours which raises some real challenges for both buyers and producers.

In addition to understanding what will drive volume and margin, for buyers it’s the challenge of navigating a heavily fragmented marketplace that is populated by thousands of producers, hundreds of wholesalers, distributors and agents. For producers, the big challenge is being able to diversify their sales mix and open up new routes to market that would normally remain closed to them.

At BrewBroker, it is our business to address these challenges and provide the industry with a solution to help navigate its way through choppy waters. Starting with our version 1 contract brewing marketplace, launched in 2018, layer by layer we’ve built a dedicated network for the beer industry.

Today, we launch a completely redesigned and upgraded BrewBroker, a new platform experience that connects producers, trade buyers and suppliers. Version 3 now provides buyers with a clearer view of the total market and a set of tools that enable them to easily compare and interact with multiple vendors on one system. Our portfolio of over 20-thousand products has been built for breweries and cideries of all shapes and sizes to list their products so we can help market them to buyers. This latest version helps all sides of the trade find new business and new products, connect with verified partners and network on a dedicated B2B platform for the beer industry.

Take a quick tour in the video below.

We kicked off our relaunch campaign at this year’s Brew//LDN trade session with a call to all attending breweries to add their products to our industry-wide portfolio ahead of implementing our trade campaign.

As well as a completely overhauled interface, we have launched a set of features and updates that make it easy for the beer industry to connect, trade and do business with each other.

Here’s a rundown of what’s new:

Product discovery: An industry-first consolidated view of the UK beer market and beyond. The new search experience sits on top of a portfolio of over 20k consumer-rated products available from over 1k producers. Buyers are able to filter by the latest, highest-rated and most popular products across 177 different styles before interrogating live consumer insights data. They can also request, receive and approve quotes directly from the producer’s sales team.

Dynamic tendering: In much the same way as Compare the Market has helped speed up searching for insurance, BrewBroker’s smart tender tools match buyers with the best-suited producers based on listings requirements such as style, format, volumes etc. 

Search members: Producers and industry suppliers are able to create their shop profiles that can be easily searched and connected using a new industry-wide search system and rich profile experience. 

Premium Memberships

Another major development to the platform is the introduction of our Premium Membership program. This is currently available for Producers and Suppliers on the platform.

For a monthly subscription, members can upgrade their profile to give their business, products and services greater visibility to other members. Premium Members can create a richer looking profile featuring detailed information on products, services, and capabilities. Members can also list promotions to appear on the search dashboard and appear ahead of the competition in member, product, and tender results. See pricing page for more details.

Pint Please

We are proud to have partnered with Pint Please to integrate consumer reviews and analytics into the BrewBroker platform experience. Pint Please is one of the largest rating apps in the beer industry. They currently have a database of 291k beers from 29k+ breweries with over 6 million reviews.

With our Pint Please integration, we can transfer product data over to the BrewBroker platform ready for members to verify and edit, creating your dynamic online product portfolio. Along with products, it will also connect to over 500k consumer ratings integrated with our analytics dashboards. All of this is available to members on the platform. Find out more about Pint Please here.

How to become a member?

Basic memberships are free to set up for all users here. Your BrewBroker profile experience will vary depending on your role in the industry.

  • Trade Buyers: Create your free profile and you’ll be able to start searching the member / product databases and add opportunities and tenders to the platform.
  • Producers: Claim your free profile on the platform and begin the process of verifying your product portfolios. Your free profile will give you a basic profile and the ability to edit/publish products. To access the full BrewBroker toolset, you can sign up as a Premium Member.
  • Suppliers: Sign up for a free profile to list your business on the platform. A free profile will give you basic tagging and profile info. Sign up for a Premium Membership to unlock promotions, advanced business category tagging, and more rich content on your profile.

Sign up and take a look around here:

If you have any questions about the platform, or need a hand getting set up, contact our team now:

We look forward to seeing you on the beer network!

The BrewBroker Team.