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From 500 litre pilot kits to 90k HL 12 month brewing contracts, BrewBroker has them all. Ilkley joined BrewBroker to fill their spare capacity and bring in a new revenue stream. We find the contract opportunties so you can focus on brewing great beer.

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Get new buyers the easy way

Connect and trade with buyers on BrewBroker who are looking for new beers. Over a third of beer retailers stock over 50 beer brands, we're helping buyers find those beers, sign up today to be on their radar.

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New ways to make money

Intelligent Deaflow™ delivers new revenue streams to your inbox. Your subcription gives you access to multiple ways to utilise your optimum capacity. Contract brew, white label, contract package, find collabs, network with the best in the business and sell your beer to new outlets.

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3 easy steps to list your services

  1. Create your BrewBroker profile, add a logo, brewing and packaging services
  2. Buyers will list their opportunities detailing frequency, volume, style, packaging etc
  3. Connect with the buyer, chat, define specifications and provide quotes
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Cost effective and scaleable pricing model

We’ve created a low cost pricing model, tailored to breweries of every size. If you need opportunities to fill your pipeline full of revenue, or cost reducing features, sign up today.

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Designing and building better beer business

Our product roadmap has been designed in collaboration with our users. From contract brewing and retail tenders through to a whole host of rich commercially driven features

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