Benefits of contract brewing

Whether you're looking to upscale production, have a break in your brewing schedule or would like to use your kit to experiment with new brews, tapping in to our extensive network of skilled breweries is the best way to safely scale your brew. Investing in a bigger brew kit takes time and carries risk, you may have loans hanging over your head adding extra pressure, but utilising spare capacity not only carries less risk, but is a more sustainble option for you and your chosen brew partner. Need to can, bottle or keg but don't have the right equipment? You don't need to invest heavily in new equipment before you've tested the market, simply use someone elses. Find your perfect partners on BrewBroker.

Beer brands without breweries

We have worked with some great brands finding them the perfect breweries to create their beers to recipe. From one off brews to the full porftolio, if you're all about creating a great stand-out brand then BrewBroker is the place to find the stand-out brew. BrewBroker sourced the beer for 'Shandy Shack' to add to their homemade lemonade, we find the brewing partners for Big Hug to brew their range of beers with a conscience, and we've been on hand to find brewing partners when a beer has gone awry. Whether you're searching for the best price, the best brand fit, someone local or a vegan, gluten-free or alcohol-free brewer - our easy tendering process means you can easily find, shortlist and select your perfect partner.

Forest Road getting to 'Work'

When Forest Road Brewing's 'Work' was selected to be sold across Soho House they needed to up production and fast. With no time to create a brewery and needing to upscale quickly they came to BrewBroker. They were partnered with the perfect brewery to upscale their beer production. 'Work' hit the shelves on time and to recipe, a great example of leveraging the skills and capacity of another brewery enabling them to quickly meet their beer demand, with no risk or investment.

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On the platform

The smarter thing to do is leverage the assets that are in the marketplace rather than owning your own.

Christian Barden, Kegstar
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We love beer and hate waste

From 500 litre pilot kits to 90k HL 12 month brewing contracts, BrewBroker has them all. Ilkley joined BrewBroker to fill their spare capacity and bring in a new revenue stream. We find the contract opportunties so you can focus on brewing great beer.

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Cost effective and scaleable pricing model

We’ve created a low cost pricing model, tailored to breweries of every size. If you need opportunities to fill your pipeline full of revenue, or cost reducing features, sign up today.

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