93% of retailers say having a diverse beer range is important!

We're revolutionising beer buying, putting your beer infront of beer buyers when they're ready to buy.

Your BrewBroker subscription gives you access to Intelligent Dealfow™, a series of opportunities listed by buyers which match your capacity and styles. See BrewBroker as your online sales team, covering the world.

While buyers enjoy sourcing beer for their outlets they also find it labour intensive, with an average of 2 days a week sourcing new beer. That's why as part of a BrewBroker subscription you'll be able to connect with buyers and showcase your beer, they'll be able to list their buying opportunities for FREE giving you unparalleled new business opportunities.

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Find new buyers the easy way

Brewbroker is your essential partner to make your business more sustainable and profitable. Whether you're looking to scale up, start up or are an established brewery, your subscription is tailored to your ideal capacity so opportunities will suit your goals. A third of beer retailers stock over 50 beer brands, we're helping buyers find those beers, sign up to be on their radar.

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How to sell more beer...

  1. Create a BrewBroker profile, add your logo, brewery details and beer listings
  2. Buyers will list their opportunities detailing frequency, volume and styles needed
  3. Connect with buyers, answer their questions, send quotes and sell your beer
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Cost effective and scaleable pricing model

We’ve created a low cost pricing model, tailored to breweries of every size. If you need opportunities to fill your pipeline full of revenue, or cost reducing features, sign up today.

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Designing and building better beer business

Our product roadmap has been designed in collaboration with our users. From contract brewing and retail tenders through to a whole host of rich commercially driven features

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