New platform development

Evolving the experience

In much the same way as comparison platforms have helped streamline how we all search for insurance or Right Move revolutionised how we search for a new home, BrewBroker's 2022 Q1 release will help the industry Buy Smarter and Sell Faster through groundbreaking integrations and a new buyer-focused, product-first experience.

Whether you work for a single outlet or a national pub group, we are sure you have your own way of choosing which products to list in your outlets. Whichever one you are, we'd wager that your method will include a lot of time on Google, Untapped and at some point will require the use of a spreadsheet. We’re reimagining how the industry analyses, searches, compares and selects which products to list or producers and market trends to watch out for.

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Access market intelligence

Our new insights tool, developed alongside partners PROOF Insight and Pint Please, will give unrivalled access to near real-time sales data from over 35k on trade outlets trade and consumer insights data available today. This experience will enable trade buyers, producers, suppliers, and any interested party to create rich insights benchmarking reports at the touch of a button...

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Open up a whole new world

Searching across the single largest product portfolio, currently at 46,000 beer and ciders, can be a little overwhelming. This is why we've streamlined the new search experience to provide buyers with highly relevant and curated product recommendations. The new search experience, which uses a simpler style categorization that is synchronised with live sales and consumer rating data from our partners Pint Please and PROOF Insight, drives our recommendation engine and algorithms.


The Pales with the Ales

Did you know there are around 9,000 Pale Ales of all shapes, variants and sizes that have been produced in the UK over the last 2 years? But how do you know which ones are the ones you should list for your type of outlet? Our new product comparison tool will let buyers compare products for side by side comparison across a multitude of criteria. Looking for a particular set of draft products with a certain type of keg coupler or packaged products in certain sizes and case formats? Then our comparison tool will enable us to easily identify the product that is the right fit.

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Direct enquiries & competitive tenders

If you have a particular product in mind, like an imperial stout in a 400ml can or a high rated pilsner below 5% abv in keg, then you can quickly detail out your listing requirement and send a quote request directly through to one or more of our 3,000 members' sales teams to quote up. Or instead, maybe let our product recommendations engine do the hard bit. Our engine will not only dynamically match your requirements to the right products but importantly our algorithms will calculate what you should be listing based on outlet demographics. It does this by mapping consumer ratings on top of sales trend data in your outlets' locations and then references the best products across our members' portfolios.

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This new platform is designed with one purpose in mind and that is to help the industry Buy Smarter and Sell Faster. To help us shape this experience, click here to fill out a short survey!

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PROOF Insight

Who are PROOF Insight?

PROOF identifies key business opportunities in the drinks industry in the UK and Ireland. Using their award-winning insight tools, they empower brand owners and hospitality venues with the right information to gain a competitive edge. With an unrivalled mix of consumer research, distribution analysis and competitor benchmarking, they track and forecast the trends that shape the market, giving you the tools to grow your business and take it to the next level.

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Pint Please

Who are Pint Please?

Buy better beer

Pint Please is a fun way to keep track of the beers you have tasted and get beer recommendations. Use Pint Please to track and rate the brews you have tasted and to share them with your friends. Scan a barcode of any beer bottle to see ratings and reviews from their active beer community. Pint Please rewards you with points and levels as you get more experienced in the world of beer.

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