Search, Shortlist, Connect

  1. Step 1
    Use our Smart Beer Search tool to filter by style, ABV and consumer ratings to find the right products for you and shortlist them in your favourites.
  2. Step 2
    Connect with producers directly to request samples to taste, product pricing and further information to make an informed purchasing decision.
  3. Step 3
    Create commission-free tenders on the platform and invite responses from the entire BrewBroker network to get in contact and speak with you directly.

Create an Enquiry

Use the filters search through the entire portfolio, search by style, ABV, a specific producer or even a keyword. Expand the results to get more details. Consumer ratings are displayed on every result and you can even filter by ‘Super Producer’ to get super-fast responses. It really is that simple. Create a connection directly between you and the producer by opening a product card and using the ‘connect’ feature. Make enquiries, request samples, discuss pricing or simply build your network.

Create a Tender

Got a specific brief for an existing style product? Or even a white label product or contract production requirement? You can publish commission-free tenders to our entire network and invite responses.

Power to you CTA section

Power to you!

We don't get involved with margin slicing commissions or finder's fees. Our platform is completely free for buyers. Our mission is to make smart connections for our industry. We leave you to do business directly, so you can maximise the relationships you build through our platform.

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