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Need help? Here are some common questions

Our focus is currently on the UK market. However, given the global nature of the beer industry, we very much welcome new members from around the world.
We offer a match-making service with quotation tools. As of the moment, purchases are handled outside of our system.
Yes, we have APIs in place with a number of companies to share core data such as consumer reviews and trade sales data.
All consumer data is provided by our partners Pint Please, who are the 2nd largest, rapidly growing consumer ratings app.
We are purely a business-to-business platform. However, if you’re not in the trade but like a beer then we welcome you to download the Pint Please ratings app.
We do not store any financial information directly on our system and we do not share any pricing information with other members.
We do not apply any fees or commission on contracts that are secured via the platform.
Free trials, which last one month, will open up all features to suppliers and producers.
You can cancel at anytime and upgrade at anytime.
All subscription payments are handled via the Stripe system and can be registered for using Visa and Mastercard debit and credit cards.