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Profile Setup

To set up your BrewBroker profile, head to the BrewBroker Producer page here.

Hit the ‘sign up now’ button to begin the process of setting up your account.

The first thing we’ll need to do is verify your business and email address. Let us know your email, business name and business domain so that our team can confirm these details. As BrewBroker is a B2B platform, we require authentication that your email and business name are connected. If you have any issues registering your details, please contact us for support.

Check your email for a verification link

Once you have verified your email you will arrive at the Onboarding section of the platform. This is where we get to learn more about your business to optimise your experience and profile. Please complete all of the fields to help us identify the type of brewery you operate.

At this stage, you will also need to set a password for your member account. To keep your account secure your password must be eight character minimum using a mixture of case sensitive alpha, numeric and special characters.

Upgrade to Premium

* Claim a month’s free trial for breweries

The next stage will offer you the opportunity to sign up for a Premium Membership. You can find out full details about what your business can gain from a Premium Membership here.

You can skip this stage and come back to it at any time.

Updating your basic profile

Once you have registered you will arrive at your Profile page. From here with a standard profile, you can update:

  • Upload a featured background image. (recommended size:1200px x 350px)
  • Your company logo. (recommended size: 500px x 500px )
  • Company name
  • Company description (max 250 characters)
  • Key sales contact info: Name, email phone number
  • Update company business social links (website and social media accounts)
  • Contract brewing services
  • Location

Your BrewBroker producer profile will now be searchable in the member zone.

Premium Profile Setup

To upgrade to a Premium Membership, navigate to the ‘Manage Subscriptions‘ section on your profile.

To upgrade you will need to enter your company card and billing information. Your monthly subscription will start on the day you confirm your subscription. You can cancel at any time. If you cancel, you will still have access to premium features until the end of your current subscription month. 

For example, if your subscription started on 3 June and you cancel on 10 June, your premium subscription will expire on 2 July. You will still have access to these features until that date.

Once your payment has been confirmed your Premium Member profile will be unlocked and your profile can be enhanced.

Tag your profile (Premium Feature)

You will now have access to tag your business to help your profile be found by other members. You can select from a wide selection of tags and apply the relevant tags for your business across multiple categories.

Product tags will be used by other members when they use the Member Search function.

Upload a promotion (Premium Feature)

This is the place to create adverts or any kind of promotion to offer members. Click the edit button and you can upload:

  • Promotion image (750px x 500px)
  • Promotion title (max 30 characters)
  • Promotion description (max 250 characters)
  • Button URL link / Call to action – where you want to send people to

Promotions can be used for a number of uses, for example, member discounts, news, and awards.

These promotions will be shown on the Member Search page.

Upload your services (Premium Feature)

Upload more information about the services you offer, if applicable. Edit this section to upload:

  • Service image (750px x 500px)
  • Service description (max 250 characters)
  • Service capabilities – select from the options available 
  • Other members can message you from this section

Example services include: contract brewing, packaging, white label services

You can upload a maximum of 5 highlights. 

Upload your company highlights (Premium Feature)

Use the highlights section to show off your business highlights. This can be used to showcase anything you want to highlight to other members. For example, you could list out your key product range.

Edit this section to upload:

  • Service image (750px x 500px)
  • Service description (max 250 characters)
  • Service capabilities – select from the options available
  • Other members can message you from this section

Add a company video (Premium Feature)

Add a video from YouTube to add to your profile. To do this, click the edit button and you will need to enter the Embed code from your video on Youtube. 

To find your embedded code, go to your Youtube video page, click ‘Share’, click ‘Embed’, copy the full embed code.

Paste the code into the box on the platform.