List your services

  1. Step 1
    List your production services on BrewBroker and respond to contract opportunities submitted to the open network
  2. Step 2
    Subscribe for as little as £99 a month to review and respond to contract brewing and packaging opportunities.
  3. Step 3
    Buyers will review your profile and contract services information and will invite you to connect to progress the opportunity.

How to manage your services

From contract brewing through to contract canning and recipe development this short video shows you how you can create and manage your contract services on BrewBroker for FREE.

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Future features coming soon

This first version enables you to create service packs that can be tagged to opportunities. In our QTR1 release next year we will be launching the new SMART tendering solution that will surface your results automatically for buyers to compare, shortlist and connect with you.

Pricing sign post

Power to you!

We don't get involved with margin slicing commissions or finder's fees. Our mission is to make smart connections for our industry. We leave you to do business directly, so you can maximise the opportunities you get through our platform. Our subscription price is fixed (as little as £99 per month), no matter how many connections you make or deals you complete.

New revenue stream for your brewery business

We've worked with sports clubs through to national grocers on one off orders to monthly deliveries. If you have beer which you're happy to rebrand for paying customers then you've just found your latest revenue stream. The BrewBroker buyer network pulls in the opportunties so you don't have to go out searching for them.

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