Vertical conveying systems

Apollo Group is the world’s leading supplier of vertical conveying systems, pursuing the key elements of; high-quality machines; developing the machine in cooperation with the customer; thinking in solutions; the customer comes first; 24/7 customer service and flexibility.

Apollo Group is active in various market sectors with several product lines. Warehousing, food & beverage and manufacturing are the main sectors for Apollo. Through state-of-art solutions for vertical transport, Apollo is the global technological leader in this field.

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Reflecting industrial megatrends to clients

Industries across the world are experiencing several megatrends that Apollo is reflecting back to its clients. Every business sector is experiencing increases in scale as well as further requirements for automation. Process continuity is crucial for every end-customer, and it is thanks to the reliability of Apollo machines that they often find application in business-critical processes. Automation helps to further optimise the operational reliability of machines.

Apollo already makes extensive use of augmented reality techniques to support customers remotely. Apollo's research and development programme also focuses on the further development of intelligent machines. This is not only to increase reliability but also to create a safer and more pleasant working environment.

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