About Core Equipment

They work in partnership with some of the industry's best manufacturers, selecting the latest technology, best quality, and most cost-effective options. This means they can provide you with production equipment to suit your individual needs.

One of their most popular products in recent years is the CODI canning system. As the European supplier for CODI, they can provide you with everything you need to start canning your beer. The CODI system includes a machine that handles the whole process right from the cans arriving in a lorry, to the filled cans being loaded up for transport.

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CODI counter pressure canning machine

The star of the system is the CODI counter pressure canning machine. Handling up to 55 cans a minute, the CODI CCL-45 consistently fills cans to the same level and can detect any missing or damaged cans during the process, meaning you don’t waste any beer. Using counterpressure technology you’d usually only find in larger machines, CODI offers higher carbonation and lower dissolved oxygen, preserving the taste of your beer.

As well as canning systems, they can provide brewhouses, filtration, tanks, bottling machines and fermentation control and much more from suppliers such as Letina, Sfoggia, VinPilot and Sraml.

Complete customer service and technical support

To support their sales and distribution operation, they offer a complete service, technical support and repair facility from their workshop in central Northamptonshire. They provide comprehensive installations, commissioning and training services for all the equipment they supply, whether that’s a single machine or an entire production line. They also offer a mobile service and repair operation for field-based maintenance and repairs.

All training, servicing and maintenance are completed by their experienced service engineers, who have been sent around the world to the factories of all their suppliers to ensure that they understand every component of every single machine, inside and out.

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Installation services

They understand that purchasing new production equipment is a big step for anyone and getting up and running as quickly as possible is incredibly important. Their installation service means that your machinery will be correctly set up to enable you to get the most from it.

Whatever challenges and opportunities you’re facing, they’re there to help. So, if you’re looking for advice, new equipment or help with existing machines, either call them on 01327 342589 or email them at info@core-equip.com or service@core-equip.com for service enquiries.

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