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Muntons’ extensive range of brewing ingredients can enhance beer recipes, improve efficiencies and create innovative products

Muntons is a UK based manufacturer and global supplier of world-class malts and malted ingredients, providing a full portfolio of sustainable brewing malts, from crushed malt in sacks to the whole malt in bulk. Working with breweries, Muntons can find new and exciting ways to enhance beer recipes, improve efficiencies and create innovative products for breweries to take to market.

Muntons also offers a range of liquid and dried malt extracts, which are the perfect solution to common challenges today’s brewers face. Whether it's increasing ABV with Muntons Pale Ale Malt Extract, colour addition with Muntons Ultra Dark Malt Extract or adding alcohol-free to your range with Muntons Premium Alcohol Free Malt Extract.

Recipe development and brewery troubleshooting

With a team of brewing technology experts based at its Centre for Excellence in Suffolk, Muntons works with breweries wanting support with areas including recipe development and brewery troubleshooting. Its brewing technologists provide a refreshing mix of traditional knowledge and exciting innovation to bring the best possible malt-based products to life in the Centre’s fully operational 1HL microbrewery.

Muntons partner page content (2)

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