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With one of your local Agents on hand to provide a local personal service, they will help ensure your business runs smoothly by recommending insurance solutions that are right for you.

NFU Mutual’s philosophy is to work with you to minimise your exposure to the uncertain things that may affect the smooth running of your business. Steps can be taken to prevent issues in the first place but what happens when something unavoidable occurs. Not only can this be financially damaging but reputation management and limiting damage to your brand will be crucial. Health and safety too doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming, for many it’s simply taking precautions and carrying out practical tasks.

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As well as ensuring everything insurance-related is in place, they can offer access to a range of additional services that make them stand out from other insurance companies and provide additional support to you and your business. Experts at NFU Mutual Risk Management Services Limited are committed to providing you with a high level of guidance and advice on risk management and health and safety, including the resources you need to help ensure you meet any legal or regulatory requirements. Ultimately helping to improve safety within your business and help you to ensure the welfare of your team.

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