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Commitment to quality

PakTech’s commitment to quality is paralleled by its commitment to the environment. They are dedicated to bringing the highest quality to the market with the least environmental impact. PakTech handles are made from 100% recycled containers. To date, they have repurposed over 600 million recycled milk jugs into packaging handles.

PakTech carriers are attractive and feature a minimalistic design, highlighting your product artwork. While other packaging options wrap and surround your product, PakTech carriers snap at the top so your brand won’t be covered or obscured. PakTech multi-pack handles offer improved consumer value and sales.

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Flexible production requirements

PakTech offers enhanced product value with a wide array of eye-catching colour options. Your product will pop on the shelf with colour coordinated accent carriers while keeping can tops clean for the consumer.

For flexible production requirements, PakTech also offers automated application versatility. You can apply the handles by hand, or you can utilize their automated applicators ranging in speed from 120 cans per minute to over 1,500 cans per minute.

From design to final handle application, PakTech’s responsiveness, rapid turnaround time, and comprehensive product offerings separate them from their competition. Tremendous value is what they offer and deliver.

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