See how a brewery uses Petainer kegs

A one-way solution

Petainer Kegs are a one-way solution as they are recycled after use thanks to their lightweight PET build material. This makes them perfect for sending your product long distances at a low cost. As they can be filled on steel kegs lines and come with the same fitting types, they can easily slot into production. Petainer Kegs have been rigorously tested to protect against both environmental factors and the rigours of the supply chain, so you can trust Petainer Kegs to do the work of steel, without the cost.

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Petainer Kegs work and operate like a steel keg

They have the same fitting types, can run down steel lines and keep your product tasting great from tank to glass. Where they differ is their lightweight construction & lower capex costs. Designed to save their customers money on transport costs and the headache of return logistics. Their one-way keg solution is made with recycled plastic content and is recyclable. With detachable chimes, breweries can further save costs by keeping chimes to combine with a new, lower-cost keg to create a new 'Hybrid Petainer Keg'.

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