Streamline Beer Quality Management with Always-On Fermentation Insights & Issue Prevention

The BrewMonitor System is a real-time fermentation monitoring and analysis solution, purpose-built to enable brewers to increase quality and profitability through enhanced fermentation-process control. BrewMonitor collects fermentation data from your existing tanks in real-time and streams it to any PC, tablet or smartphone, 24-7.

BrewMonitor System 2.0 breaks new ground with productivity tools that dramatically simplify yeast vitality assessment and quality control analysis. With just a few mouse clicks or taps on your smartphone, your fermentation tank data is transformed into a powerhouse of actionable insight & helping your team ensure consistency, prevent fermentation problems, reduce labour, and lower costs.

Total Visibility: Any Time, Any Device

The BrewMonitor Sensor Hub attaches easily, cleans easily and live-streams critical data to your web-enabled devices:

  • Dissolved Oxygen
  • pH
  • Gravity
  • Pressure
  • Fluid Temperature
  • Ambient Temperature
  • Conductivity
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    Quality Control Processes, Simplified.

    Get immediate, actionable information to inform your most important production decisions:

    - Batch-to-Batch Quality Analysis helps easily ensure consistency and improve the quality of your operational processes.

    - Yeast Vitality Trends accelerates yeast vitality assessment for more timely repitches, prevention of stalled fermentations and more, saving time and cost.

    Actionable Insights - Compare, Analyze and Solve with Ease

    - View all active fermentations, from multiple locations in a single dashboard

    - Receive automatic alerts about problems, via email and text, using user-selected alert thresholds per fermentation

    - Expand quality control processes to improve outcomes

    - Get a graphical start-to-finish view of your fermentations from continual sampling

    - Replace traditional "snapshot" sampling with exponentially more data: 1,000 data points per day

    - Perform yeast vitality checks with a few mouse clicks

    - Easily benchmark and compare batches for consistency

    - Enter and save manual measurements together with automatic readings for centralized storage and full analysis of all data sources

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    The Connected Brewer: Data-Driven Fermentation for Better Beer & Business

    Can fermentation management be improved, as a process?

    Read this informative paper to learn how data-driven fermentation management can elevate product and business outcomes in a modern brewery, whether brewpub, microbrewery or regional craft brewer.

    In this paper, you will learn:

    How traditional, manual fermentation management impedes creative and efficient brewing.

    What fermentation data a brewing software solution should provide to make informed decisions about current and future batches.

    How streaming live data from your tanks empowers your brewing process: control, repeatability, efficiency, and production capacity.

    The business benefits of real-time fermentation monitoring to help grow your business.

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