Case Study: The Hawks Nest Bar

Track, measure and analyse

The ServedUp platform enables owners and staff to easily manage and control their venue by customising their menu to suit their needs. Venues can also track, measure, and analyse their metrics in real-time to know which products are performing best, giving you the insights that you need to run your business more efficiently and effectively.

To go along with their market-leading software, they also provide venues with the latest hardware which lets them accept, view, and fulfil orders through their handy ticketing system. This means that staff can spend more time serving and fulfilling orders than taking them, resulting in a quicker speed-of-service leading to an increased order frequency.

As their system enables your staff to accept and fulfil orders more quickly, they knew it was important to make sure customers found it equally straightforward to order and pay. Their solution is app-free which means that there is less friction for customers to order their food and drinks, making it easier for them to order more regularly.

When combined, the quicker speed of service and the more frequent customer ordering can lead up to a 30% increase in revenue.

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What are some other benefits?

The ServedUp systems operate with 99.9%+ uptime, with unlimited scalability. This means they will not fall over when things get busy!

Their UK technology team have years of experience building products for hospitality. They build things fast from your feedback.

They have 24/7 customer support available to help your business. Their account managers are also there to help grow your business.

Venues using ServedUp see average spend per head rise by over 30% and an increase in tips by up to 50%.

Hear from their venue partners

“The ease of ordering is directly associated with consumption rates. We estimate that our spend per head is 30% higher than it would be if we did not use ServedUp. The customer experience is also improved dramatically as speed of service is maximised and often guests comment on how quickly their drinks are served” - Frazer Timmerman, Director, Hawks Nest

“I don't have any words that express how grateful I am for the quick turnaround and the excellent customer service. Wait times and order issues are down, staff are happy and it's a better experience for our customers” - James Lackovic, Venue Manager, University of Surrey Students' Union

So, why delay? Sign up to ServedUp by booking a demo with one of their team by using this link:

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