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Increase productivity while improving health & safety

TAWI provide lifting equipment that removes 100% of the weight from the operator. By using vacuum technology, they can increase the productivity of your staff, while protecting their health & safety. They offer multiple solutions for lifting and moving kegs, drums and barrels, and provide a complete end to end service from design through to installation and servicing.

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Supporting some of the biggest brewers in the industry

TAWI equipment allows you to increase productivity by supporting your workforce with all heavy lifts. Their experienced sales and engineering team provide both standard and bespoke solutions so that no item presents a challenging lift.

Kegs and drums of various sizes and weighing up to 270kg can be safely lifted and moved by one person when aided by a TAWI Vacuum or Trolley, resulting in a safer, more sustainable process. They are partnered with companies in different industries all over the globe, and already support some of the biggest brewers in the industry on their production lines.

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