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Platform Release 0.3

August 2023

Our product team are regularly working on updates to improve the BrewBroker platform for our members. In this latest release, we have developed of a dynamic dashboard providing users with a live product and notification feed, profile management prompts, member search and general usability improvements. Get the full lowdown on all the new changes below:

Stay on top of the latest product releases

To help you stay up-to-date, we’ve introduced a new live updates module. Be the first to know about the latest creations and updates from our members. Discover an extensive selection of products beyond the core ranges, including exclusive collaborations, seasonal items, and limited editions released each month.

Manage tenders and enquiries

Similar to how Compare the Market assists consumers in finding insurance, BrewBroker’s core strength lies in its powerful tendering tools. Our platform empowers buyers to specify their product needs with precision. With our updates module, you can access a live feed of alerts, keeping buyers and producers notified about new tenders, quotes, and activities that need attention.

Spotlighting the industry

Our members can now create promotions to spotlight in a dedicated thread, showcasing everything from news and offers to collaboration opportunities. Easily managed through your profile page, these promotions are seamlessly integrated into our updates module for everyone to see.

Optimising profile data

Data helps to drive the BrewBroker platform, highlighting the importance to members of maintaining and updating profiles and products. Our new modules conveniently summarize key profile data tailored to each company. Enhance your profile’s visibility and information by completing details on live products, services, connection metrics, and more. Seamlessly navigate through our platform using dropdown menus, guiding you to the relevant sections

Connect with members quickly

BrewBroker has hundreds of members ranging from breweries, cideries and suppliers, offering a wide range of products and services. We’ve made connecting with these members even easier by updating the utility navigation with two distinct search icons – one for breweries and another for suppliers. Refine your search by selecting specific categories and locations to find the perfect match. From your results, access each member’s profile, connect with them, and send in-app messages effortlessly.

Usability improvements

The team have made the following minor improvements across the platform to help with general usability:

  • To make it easier and quicker to get to results dynammic search modules surface platform data are now on all users dashboards
  • Product and service dashboards are now located within the profile section
  • The profile section now includes tabs enabling users to navigate more easily between different sections of the platform that are used to manage company data
  • All product images now contain menu items enabling users to favourite, view profiles, complete portfolios etc

Upcoming release 0.4

The next release will focus on the development a new version of our data insights dashboard.This dashboard will enable users to dive deeper into the platforms data and explore a whealth of live consumer insights and production data from over 1k producers, 20k products and over 500M consumer reviews.

Stay tuned!

Give us some feedback!

BrewBroker has been built based on the feedback provided by its members. We’d love to hear more from you what else the platform could do for its members. Please email our team directly with any features or ideas for improvement that would benefit you. Email

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