Increased margin, unique to your customers & a great branding opportunity

We have hundreds of partner brewers that can provide you with recipes to utilise as your own product. If you are a pub or retailer, you could be selling your own line of products in your own outlet. Why? Well, who wouldn't want their own beer? And if you are making the product direct you can also benefit from greatly increased margins as well as creating a standout product for your business by delivering your own brand of beer to your consumers.

Our partners can operate at any scale with a range of styles and formats available. Experiencing demand for a low-alcohol vegan IPA? Why not have your own?

Own your top-selling beer

Imagine if you could double the margin on your top-selling beer in your bar or retail space overnight. Not only drastically improving your profit but also creating something truly bespoke for your customers. With our platform, you can do exactly that, work directly with a partner brewer to create the perfect beer for your customers to keep them coming back.

Your bar, your beer

Create your beer brand without having to develop your own recipe. Our platform will instantly connect you with brewers who can provide a product based on the exact style, format and quantities you require. Get a set of comparable quotes and options to choose from, meaning you could be pouring your beer in a matter of weeks.

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Create a beer for your business

If you’re looking to create a beer for your event, business or brand we can make it happen on BrewBroker. Tap into our marketplace of breweries that can make creating your beer as easy as drinking one.

We wanted to create a point of difference in our bars, and something that fit with our brand. We noticed that Pale Ales were our most popular beer, so we made our own, doubled the margin created a real Instagram moment!

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