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BrewBroker’s extensive network of verified breweries are ready to help you create your own white-label beer. Our dynamic tools will match you to the right producer, whether you’re looking to launch your own beer brand, offer customers your own branded beer or create something special for an event.


Creating a White Label Beer

Traditionally, white label or private label beer refers to a type of beverage produced by one producer but marketed and sold under the branding of another company. In this arrangement, the brewing process, recipe, and quality control are managed by the original producer, while the branding, label design, and distribution are handled by the partnering company.

There are a number of reasons why you would white-label, you might be creating a beer for an event, creating your own in-house beer for your business or rebranding a beer to sell as your own. All of this can be done without the need to invest in the entire brewing process. Instead, you can leverage the expertise of established to create your own beer.

BrewBroker’s extensive network of breweries across the UK can help you create your own white label beer now. The platform has been designed to give you all the tools to find a brewer, connect and get brewing! To get started, all you need to do is create a free listing for our members to respond to.

How it works

Create Your Free White Label Listing on BrewBroker

Create your free listing, specifying type, ABV, packaging, volume, deadlines and more for our members to work from.

Opportunity Published on Platform

Your listing will be published and BrewBroker’s dynamic tools will match you to suitable producers based on your their ability to fulfil the project.

Producers Respond with Details & Pricing

Producers can respond to your listing, offering their brewing services, helping to reducing the search process and fast track to the brewing process. 

Buyers and Producer Connect to Brew

Once you have found your match you can easily communicate through our in-built messaging service. Terms can be agreed and the magic can happen.

Case Studies

Rebranding a beer

Whether you are looking to add a new beer to your portfolio or wanting to start your own brand and sell a beer of your own, using an already-established recipe is a foolproof way to quickly fill the gap in the market. White labelling can be a more cost-effective way to create a new style as you spend less time having to brew and develop the product yourself.

From supermarkets to pub chains, BrewBroker has helped hundreds of businesses partner with brewery’s to produce exceptional beers.

Creating a beer for events and promos

Creating something memorable for an event might be as simple as creating an exclusive beer to stand out. From weddings to business conferences, adding this simple personalisation is the cherry on top. Using white label beers at business events is a simple positive marketing technique and could even be sold at events to generate extra revenue.

BrewBroker worked with NFU Mutual to create a white-label beer to use at events and also share with their customers and staff.

Offering your own in-house beer

Creating an in-house beer is a great way to further establish your brand. By adding your own drink of choice to the menu is an easy way to add a perfect pairing or fill a gap in your offerings. White labelling often works out as being more cost-effective and is an additional marketing opportunity to promote and create an even better relationship with customers by offering a more personalised experience.

Loading Bar created a white-label pale ale through Brewbroker to offer customers in their own bars in London & Brighton

Our Members

We have the UK’s biggest database of brewery members, with over 2-thousand and counting!

Our verified partner breweries can operate at large and small scales with a range of product styles and formats available.

It’s free to set up an account and list an opportunity and the best part is we take 0% commission on any transactions.

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Our Dynamic Tools

Our dynamic tendering and opportunity platform helps you connect with verified producers, capable of meeting your white label request.

All you need to do is tell us what you are looking to produce, the volume, packaging requirements and your timeline. The platform will then match and recommend you to the relevant producers and let you easily connect with them.

You can use member profiles, product listings and consumer ratings/analysis to research all of the producers on the platform.

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