Contract brewing allows brewers and brand owners to use other breweries to produce their beer (or liquids).

Some breweries don't have their own equipment and continuously use contract brewing services, known as gipsy brewing while others may need to use contract brewing services due to a pause in production at their facility or they simply don't have enough capacity.

BrewBroker is the only marketplace that seamlessly matches brewers to trade capacity. This dramatically reduces waste in the industry, while providing new revenue streams - allowing your business to stay at full capacity and meet your order volumes.

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This allows you to easily compare prices, margins and rates. You draw up easy contract brewing arrangements all from one place, making the process easy and accessible to everyone. Less waste, more beer!

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Search the definitive list of contract brewing services in the UK. Looking further afield? We also have global services. You can easily connect, get pricing and put a contract brewing agreement in place, all on one easy to use system.

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BrewBroker allows you to list all of your services across contract brewing and packaging. Our system smart matches tenders to the right brewery, putting opportunities straight into your inbox in a standard format.

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